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Oct 17 Plants for Free - Chris Smith of Pennard Plants
Nov 21 Hestercombe Gardens - talk by Jo Pocock
Jan 16 Thurlbear Quarry Lands - Keith Gould
Feb 7 EXTRA - invitation from Avon Organic Group
Feb 20 Lytes Cary Gardens - Simon Larkins
Mar 20 Propagation of Trees and Shrubs - Viv Fairbrother
April 24 Climate Change and its effect on the garden - Alex Morrice
May 15 Visit to Tinkers Bubble (booking required) 7pm
June 19 Visit to Gants Mill (booking required) 7pm
Sept 18 A.G.M. and Supper
Oct 16 Energy Efficiency and Renewables
Nov 20 Pleasing the Customer - Jon Thorner
Jan 15 Local Parks and Gardens
Feb 19 Care and maintenance of gardening tools - Tony Rash
March 19 Send a Cow - Livestock rearing and organic farming in Africa
April 16 Organic food that doesn't cost the earth - Liz and Rob Walrond of Pitney Farm Shop
May 20 Plant sale , teas and garden (Sunday 2.30) - at Parbrook
June 18 Visit - Sticky Wicket
July 16 Visit - The Growing Space
Sept 17 AGM and Harvest Supper
Oct 15 Garden creepy crawlies - Pat Hill-Cottingham
Nov 19 Soil - Paul Hending
Dec members are too busy for a December meeting!
Jan 21 Hemp for Health by Hemp in Avalon
Feb 18 Hedges - Peter Grainger
Mar 17 Every Village should have a Farmers Market - Fergus Dowding
April 21 Gardens of the Bishop's Palace, Wells - James Cross
May 18 Open Garden and Plant Sale 2.30
June Visit to Mintern Gardens
July 21 Social, talk/demonstration and supper
15 September AGM and harvest supper
20th October Knightshayes Court. Restoring a Victorian walled garden. Illustrated talk by John lanyon - Head Gardener
17th November Guerrilla Gardening (Richard Reynolds)
19th January The Changing Face of Beekeeping (Gerald Fisher)
23rd February Let the bee out your bonnet
Members' evening - short talks
16th March Organic Fair Trade in Palestine (Cathi Davis)
20th April Growing Ornamental Vegetables (Sally Gregson))
17th May Sunday - 2.30 - Plant Sale, Open Garden and Teas - Longacre, Parbrook
15th June Visit to Ourganics at Litton Cheney
20th July Visit to Cannington Walled Garden
21 September AGM and Harvest Supper
19 October Libby Lister who keeps a small herd of goats and produces cheese, yogurt, soap, etc. and sells in Farmers' Markets
16 November Pat Babcock will tell us more about her fantastic smallholding which some of us visited this year. She needs dustbin lids. If you have any spare please bring them.
14 December Bring and share Christmas nibbles and drinks at Doreen's 8pm (see newsletter)
18 January Tim Rook who built his own eco-house from scratch on eco-building and alternative technology
15 Febuary Callum Pawson - first year of an organic community and a novel scheme for shared veg-boxes
15 March Freda Brown "Hands on Gardening"
19 April Pete Masters on Potions, lotions, oitments and herbs
16 May Open gardens with teas and plant sales 2.00 - 6.00
Roche Bridge Cottage, Somerton
Thistledown, West End, Pitney
21 June Visit to Cothay Manor Gardens
19 July Visit to Burrow Hill Cider Farm
20 September Farm Walk - Merrick's Organic Farm, Langport
18 October A.G.M. and Harvest Supper
15 November James Crowden - Cider and the History of Cider
13 December Informal evening at Veronica's - 8pm (note not 3rd Monday))
17 January The Somerset Great Crane Project
NOTE: At United Reformed Church hall
21 February Peter Breeden - Farming and Wildlife
NOTE: At United Reformed Church hall
21 March Judith Green - The versatile lavender
18 April How woodlands work - Charles Hill from the Woodlands Trust
22 May Open garden with teas and plant sales 2.00 - 6.00
Roche Bridge Cottage, Somerton
20 June Visit to Wooden Top Farm, West Coker
18 July Garden visit Watcombe, Winscombe
August No meeting
19 Sept AGM and Produce Show (judged on taste)
17 October Harvest Supper - after dinner speaker Nick Rigden
title - Green Treasures
21 November Roger Nutscombe on Garden Birds
December Social event
16 January Neil Lovesey on The History (and the Future) of the Cottage Garden.
20 February Alica and Dave Houghton from Keepers Cottage in Somerton
19 March Quiz
16 April Water Gardening by Andy McConnachie from Sherborne Garden Centre
Sun 20 May Plant Sale (Long Sutton)
18 June Visit to Carrymoor Environmental Centre
July Visit to Pickett Lane Nursery
20 August Produce Show at Somerton
17 September AGM and Harvest Supper at Charlton Mackerell
15 October Andrew Henderson from Ruk Zwaan Organic Seed Company at Charlton Mackerell
19 November Stephanie Hafferty on making cleaners, balms and lotions using herbs at Charlton Mackerell
22nd January The Joys and Sorrows of Organic Catering from local food specialists and caterers
26th February Water Gardening - Tom and Jane Harper from Sherborne Garden Centre
26th March Sun, Seas and Sooties - Conservation on Ascension Island. Roger Dickie.
23rd April Wild Bees - Neil Lovesey from Pickett Lane Nursery
19th May Open Garden, Plant Sale and Teas (Somerton)
25rd June Guided botanical walk on Walton Hill
23rd July Visit to Langford Fivehead Manor Gardens
27th August Produce Show
24th September AGM and Harvest Suppper
22nd October Apple Evening with Robin Small
26th November Talk by Andy Martin of Kelways Nursery
December Christmas break
28th January Fascinating Fungi - Michael Jordan
25th February Behind the Scenes at River Cottage Gardens
25th March The Joys and Sorrows of Organic Catering from a local food specialist and caterer (with samples)
22nd April Chris Cornell on rare wild flowers in Somerset
18th May (Sunday) Plant Sale, Teas, Garden and Club Garden Party details
24th June Visit to Midney Gardens (pre-book)
22 July Visit to Gabriel's Community Orchard, Pitney (members only)
5 August Visit to Esotera (pre-book))
23 September Harvest Supper and AGM
28 October On Wings and Wind - pollination of plants
Anne Bebbington (Somerset Windlife Trust)
25 November The Challenges of Bird Migration - Roger Lucken
27th January Irresistible Plants for Butterflies - Roy Cheek
24 February From Plant to Plate - Sue Applegate
24 March The Importance of Trees - Charles Hill
28 April Veg for Small Spaces - Dinah Linden-Critchley
24 May (Sunday) Plant Sale/Swap, Teas, Garden and Club Garden Party details
23 June Visit to Rugg Farm garden
28 July Members only boat trip from Maunsell Lock and free picnic
25 August Visit to Dragons Willow Farm smallholding
28 September AGM and Harvest Supper
26 October Propagation workshop
23 November Beautiful Fungi, a pictorial exploration of native fungi - Ted Pitman
December No meeting
25 January A year at Picket Lane - Neil Lovesey
22 February Peonies and Iris - Susannah Applegate
28 March Folklore of Somerset - Les Cloutman
25 April A Year in the Life of a Beekeeper - Ron Dinsdale
22 May Sunday Plant Sale, Garden Open, Teas, Cake
2.30 to 4.30
27 June wildflower walk and picnic, led by Chris Cornell. Members only
25 July Visit to Windmill Farm Flowers
22 August Visit to Avalon Vineyard
26 September Green Gardeners 20th birthday. AGM, shared supper
24 October Woodland and Shade Gardens - Christopher Bond
28 November Christmas Flowers Decoration - Anne Hassed
December No meeting
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